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Publishing Experts, LLC has everything you need to help you publish your book. Whether you need some combination of editing services, book design, a book cover, a new website, marketing help, or simply some very good advice, Publishing Experts, LLC can perform any and every service that will help you publish and sell your book!

According to Assisted Self-Publishing: A VERY brief study of the road less traveled in publishing, there are different choices when it comes to assisted self-publishing. As mentioned in the book:

The least known choice is one in which the author directs the self-publishing with the assistance of a “2nd self-publishing expert.” In this model, the 2nd self-publishing expert (or company) will be responsible for all the publishing tasks with direction of the author. The 2nd individual will be familiar with all publishing tasks and may hire freelance professionals when needed. The 2nd expert may even serve as a writing coach or recommend one if needed.

The 2nd expert will look at the overall project and come up with a reasonable price for publishing tasks. The author could, for example, choose editing, cover design, or both according to prices set for those services and the complexity of the overall project. In this instance, self-publishing is a more collaborative effort than the other two options. A contract or Terms of Service agreement would be between the author and 2nd expert.

In the second and third options, authors create their own accounts with free publishing platforms such as Amazon KDP, Lulu, Smashwords, or Draft2Digital. Each provides a dashboard that allows authors to see information about their book sales and royalty earned. Authors are paid directly to their bank accounts. These platforms give authors an opportunity to earn higher royalties than with other traditional publishers. A royalty is the percentage earned per sale of a book. The manuscript, book cover, book description, keywords, and price are all added through the dashboard.

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